Why Should You Use Transactional Emails?

Instant communication with customers right after they interact with your company, higher delivery and open rates than any other email marketing campaigns, accessible real-time reporting to analyze results and improve further performance – these are a few of the most important reasons to make use of well thought through transactional email messages.

Although the usage of transactional emails in your business may seem something that goes without saying, I was surprised how many companies actually don’t use this opportunity. And even when they do, system-generated emails are often underestimated by marketers. According to the survey in MarketingProfs, only 45% of brands performing transactional emails use post-purchase programs, 44% use cross/upsell programs and 26% use cart abandonment programs. I’d like to share with you the main reasons why you should use transactional emails and how to do it smarter.

Instant interaction with customers

In terms of marketing, only a prompt reply on user action may be considered as an opportunity. A late response is no response but a loss of a customer. What’s the point of asking a client why he didn’t proceed with a purchase a day after his attempt?
Transactional emails are usually sent instantly and automatically to a person that has taken a certain action. Immediate interaction by sending appropriate emails will:

  • speed up the process of your business – purchases, registrations or any other activities
  • build loyalty to a brand that cares about each customer and provides the best and fastest communication possible

Email delivery is crucial to success

Did you know that about 20% of emails wind up in junk or spam folders, or don’t get delivered at all? High deliverability is especially important for transactional emails containing crucial information about purchases, registrations, etc., therefore, transactional emails matter in general. The usage of a professional transactional email service is often a smarter choice than a self-sustained email delivery infrastructure. Transactional emails sent from your CMS cannot guarantee that they will all land in the inboxes in comparison with special transactional email services that provide a robust cloud infrastructure.

Use reporting for further improvements

Transactional email services also provide reports and statistics about the sent emails:

  • how many emails are opened
  • who has clicked on which links
  • how many emails have bounced
  • who uses mobile devices to read your emails
  • which browsers are used the most
  • which countries are your clients in, etc.

Detailed answers on these questions will allow you to analyze your performance and make improvements for further activities.

Controlled by marketers

I often face situations when transactional emails are first created in the IT department and then left there. While marketers are obsessed with newsletter campaigns to build branding and loyalty, they rarely know what the customers’ first experience with the brand is. It is only when marketers undertake their own triggered email test that they realize how far triggered emails are from their marketing strategy.

Well, this is absolutely wrong! Transactional emails must definitely be included in the common marketing strategy and must to be controlled by marketers. It’s time to say goodbye to the dull system-generated emails and welcome compelling transactional emails that are created in beautiful email templates with branded elements and include not only an informative message but also a personalized marketing message in addition.

Transactional emails are crucial when you communicate with your customers. Here at LeaderSend, we offer powerful features, robust deliverability services and responsive customer services to help you build and improve this communication. Take a tour and feel free to contact me for advice.

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Gints Trubins
Gints Trubins

IT and marketing blogger at LeaderSend, transactional email platform for web and mobile apps. He cares about marketers to use transactional emails effectively in their businesses and keep us up to date with the latest global trends.

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