What is a Transactional Email?

A transactional email is a one-to-one type of email sent to a person based on his or her behavior. It is sent to a person that has taken a certain action on a website or mobile application or hasn’t taken an action, or is a target of an action that has been taken by another person.

This is a few words to give you an idea of what I’ll be talking about in these blog posts. There are actually several names for transactional emails, others include:

  • system-generated emails
  • triggered emails
  • real-time personalized emails

They all mean the same thing, so you can freely use the name you like the most.

Transactional emails vs. bulk emails

Marketers usually know a lot about email marketing… so do we, as there are great email marketing experts in the LeaderSend team. Many are real transactional email geeks, including me. That’s why I’m here to tell and teach you everything I know about transactional email marketing and how to make work it for your business.

Both transactional and bulk emails are widely used in marketing. Although they may seem similar, they actually differ quite a lot. Bulk emails are sales focused and sent to a group of people in order to inform, educate, promote or sell. These are, for example, newsletters and promotional offers. Whereas transactional emails are service focused and sent to a single recipient. Thus, the main purpose is to inform rather than sell.

Origins of transactional emails

Transactional emailing is a new and quickly developing marketing area. As an email category, transactional emails emerged in the late 1990s when online retailers started to send purchase receipts and shipping notifications via email in order to reassure customers about the successful shopping process and to automate their daily work. Of course, today triggered emails cover a much wider area than online sales, and more robust infrastructures have been developed to send them within seconds.

Transactional email is EVERYWHERE

If you’ve ever bought something online or registered somewhere online, you will probably have received dozens of different types of transactional emails. Welcome emails, thank you messages, order conformations, purchase receipts, e-bills, shipping notifications, password resets, shopping cart abandonment emails are just a few examples of real-time emails landing in our inboxes every day.

The real value of transactional emails

What is especially important – recipients like to open these types of emails a lot more. Transactional emails have a higher open rate and click through rate than bulk email averages because they are in response to customers’ initiated actions. This is a great opportunity for marketers! And that’s my main goal – to show you how transactional emails can considerably increase your marketing ROI.

When planned well and well-crafted, transactional emails provide qualitative and highly effective communication between you and your customer. By adding branding elements, personality, improving design and including a marketing message in a system-generated email, you can hit not only informative but also marketing goals.

I’m very interested in how you are doing with triggered emails. You are always welcome to leave your comments and questions; I’m here to help you using my skill set. You can also follow my blog posts to discover the features and benefits of the LeaderSend transactional email service to get the maximum benefit from your marketing.

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Gints Trubins
Gints Trubins

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