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Should you use a transactional message service?

Why should you use a transactional message service? Transactional message services are increasing in popularity in just about any ecommerce industry. Whether you’re a digital marketing agency or an online shop looking to extend the relationship with your customers beyond the ...

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Transactional Email: A Marketing Goldmine?

Transactional Emails: Not to be wasted. System generated emails, referred to as transactional emails, are a valuable marketing resource that you cannot afford to waste. Transactional Emails: Emails that get opened. Transactional emails are the kind of messages that people ...

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Transform abandoned shopping carts into cash

Let’s talk about the elephant in the ecommerce room, shopping cart abandonment. Shopping cart abandonment occurs when a visitor to an ecommerce website goes through the process of putting a product into a shopping cart and then has the cheek to click away without making a ...

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How to Get the Most from your Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are the everyday messages that are sent out to confirm orders, announce opt in confirmations and inform you of the date of a delivery. They are an integral part of an existing B2B or B2C relationship. They also can be a useful marketing tool, if used ...

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