10 Ways to Improve Your Transactional Messages

5 Ways to Improve Your Transactional Messages

Even though transactional messages are largely automated and can be easily forgotten, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t improve your strategies to work on improving your customer service and increase brand awareness. After all, they have higher open rates than any email marketing campaign! Have you ever found a customer service message that impressed you and won you over? That’s exactly what transactional messages are and there are plenty of ways you can improve them!

Apart from making sure you join a platform like LeaderSend that’s able to effectively use the SMTP relay service to successfully deliver all your messages, you can also utilize plenty of features that will help you convert more customers and increase brand awareness.  

Today, we’ll look at 5 examples of transactional emails that have managed to really take advantage of the features offered by a transactional email platforms and make the most out of their customer service messages.

Ready? Let’s go!

  1. Re-engage

These type of emails are usually sent to inactive members in hopes to clean up a mailing list and create better results. It doubles as an opt-in email that’s simple and straight to the point.

What this email does right:

  • Clear and strong branding

  • Short and to the point

  • Simple call to action

TransferWise is known to send short customer service messages - they know their audience well and they are making sure their audience behavior is reflected in their transactional emails. This maximizes their chances of high open rates and better engagement.

Since transactional email platforms also offer real-time reports, they can easily track their progress and adjust their strategy according to their objective.

2. Add cross promotion

According to Experian’s transactional email report, customers open transactional emails more than any other emails, so why not add some cross promotion to maximize those sales? We all know Amazon does this extremely well, but they’re not the only ones. Check this out! This email is a part of Airbnb’s order confirmation of someone who booked their home in San Francisco.

What this email does right:

  • Branding

  • Cross promotion

  • Service extension beyond order confirmation

We all know Airbnb is no longer just about homes. Since they acquired Trip4Real, they started extending their service to make sure you not only get to your destination, but that you have a chance to explore it too. By adding their local guides to their order confirmation, they’ve increased brand awareness - who else is a better target for local guides than a person that books their accommodation in that city?

3. Improve your copy

Working on your subject lines and transactional email copy can really improve your brand awareness and results. We all know companies like Just Eat who are really nailing their copy.

What this email does right:

  • Branded

  • Personalized

  • GIFs

  • Conversational copy

Just Eat is all about talking to their customers like they’re their customers. Their transactional emails still have the element of fun many tend to lack. Their copy is entertaining, but at the same time, it’s not too over-the-top. The bottom of the email shows the order confirmation, along with a feedback section for those who want to rate Just Eat’s service. It’s simple, on brand, and definitely effective because the writer of this post loves opening these emails.

4. Stay on topic

Cross promotions are fun, but if you don’t do them right, your email can end up too long and overcrowded with content. Staying on topic is important. Everything needs to connect and sometimes is best to think of another transactional email strategy than bringing everything together in a single email.

What this email does well:

  • Simple branding

  • Talks about features of selected upgrade

  • Acts like a receipt

  • Bolded highlights

Dropbox isn’t known for their cross promotion, but when they send you a so-called purchase receipt, they make sure they highlight exactly what you’re getting with the upgrade you purchased. They don’t need to cross sell another product - it’s a simple email, but extremely effective.

5. Improve your call to action

And work on the text! Nowadays, many brands try to make their CTA sound fun and sometimes, it’s almost too fun. A complicated and badly positioned CTA will lead to bad conversions (and probably induce some eye rolling depending on the severity). The truth is, having a simple call to action that shows exactly what will happen is much more effective.

What this email does well:

  • Branded

  • Playful

  • CTA button in the middle of the page

  • Cross-promotion

Vimeo has a shiny big button right in the middle of their copy - it’s bigger than anything else on the email and it easily stands out. Even if you don’t read the text, you know what you need to do. On top of that, the actual copy is very playful, and Vimeo even adds some product promotion by encouraging the customer to upgrade once they’ve mastered the basic features.

Bonus: Device & GEO location reporting

LeaderSend has a feature called device & GEO location reporting which lets you further optimize your emails to make sure they’re available on every single device. Since emails are most frequently opened on mobile, you have to make sure your transactional emails are fully optimized.

This means you’re not only making sure your emails will look good on desktop, but you’re also taking into the account the customer behavior of those that are reading from their mobile device.

Device & GEO location reporting also allows you to see which browsers are most frequently used and which countries are the most active. You can also use those reports in your regular marketing emails and change your strategy.

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